Bright Ideas

To keep your Candle burning beautifully

Light at the end of the tunnelling

To prevent uneven wax, always burn candles long enough for the wax to melt and pool to the edges of the glass. And, don’t extinguish the flame until it has.

Get on your wick

Keep the wick trimmed to 1⁄4 inch/6mm to ensure your candle stays as pristine and elegant as the day you bought it..

Wax and wanes...

Spotted a few air bubbles? Don’t worry, this is simply caused by surrounding temperature changes. And, as for a little discoloration? It’s due to our generous amount of fragrance oil and those ingredients in the formula which are naturally-derived. Neither bubbles nor colour will affect your candle’s diffusion and lifespan.

Is this burning an eternal flame?

Not quite. The burn time for each Home Candle is approximately 45 hours. To extinguish the flame, all you need to do is place the accompanying lid on top as a snuffer.

Last but not least...

Stay safe. Never leave a candle unattended, place it in a draughty area or burn the wax down to the base. Oh, and make sure you protect the surface on which a candle sits. All very important.

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