June 20, 2020
Aromatic Astrology


You are on a roll this month, Cancer. With lots of planets crammed into your sign, your social currency is hotter than an Indian flower market full of marigolds. There’s progress in many areas of your life – your Money House is literally running itself, while Mars in your 3rd House of Communication means work opportunities will stretch further than the myrrh-scented Namibian desert. The long and short of it is that this is a very good month for you. However, with your characteristic sideways scuttle, you may find yourself avoiding direct questions about your feelings; some people may be put off by this, others may enjoy the chase. You, of course, will love all of it. And anyone who persists long enough to crack that shell of yours deserves to reap the rewards. Oh and a Peony & Blush Suede Home Candle.



With planetary strength circulating in your horoscope’s southern sector, family is taking priority at the moment. Your dreams are also extremely vivid – the ones that involve a giant grapefruit and a tiny fruit knife symbolise your desire to overcome challenges. Go forth and conquer.



You may feel the need for a bit of soul-searching around the 29th and this is no bad thing. Sit among the roses, or bathe in a tub scented with Red Roses Bath Oil, and see what comes up for you. If it’s anything to do with sending unnecessarily curt emails (admit it), you know to whom you need to be contrite.

With your characteristic sideways scuttle, Cancer, you may
find yourself avoiding direct questions about your feelings


If there’s one thing you love, Librans, it’s balance. But that can sometimes make you risk averse. Start thinking like Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne and say yes to partnerships that offer unexpected but marvellous results.



If you’re feeling that things have slowed to a grinding halt for you this month, Scorpio, the truth is they sort of have. So, what can you do? Give in – and find solace in mood-reviving showers with Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body & Hand Wash.



Yours is the sign of the traveller, Sagittarians, so take a leaf out of your own book and make some future plans. You need to feel the salty sea air on your skin, inhale the scent of white jasmine and pretend you don’t even have an email account.



With the Sun in your 3rd House of Communication, now is the time to pay particular attention to those around you, Capricorn. Don’t ignore your sister’s calls or the person who sits next to you at work. Offer to make them a cup of Earl Grey or one of your cucumber sandwiches. Be that person.



Everything in your sign this month is shrieking explore Aquarians. Frankly, there could be worse things to do than pay heed to this instruction. So why not try our a new fragrance combination and see what adventures it could bring, Try English Pear & Freesia Hair Mist paired with Wild Bluebell Cologne.



If you’re feeling a bit under the weather this month, Pisces, you have only to blame the solar eclipse in your 6th House of Health. Duvet days are in order – and then plenty of Basil & Neroli Cologne spritzed about your person to invigorate your mood.



Contradictions are on the wane in your sign, Aries, and you should start to feel a sense of much-needed peace. Lavender will help you sleep – and you are not to touch your phone after lights out, no matter how siren-like the call of Instagram.



With planets on the move to the western half of your sign after the 23rd, Taureans, your social life may become even more lively than usual- even if it is the digital kind. Use your exemplary listening skills to help a confused friend, while indulging in as many mint-based cocktails as you see fit.



Your ruler planet Mercury is on the move, Gemini, and this may cause you to feel a little more selfish than usual. We say give in to this – go present shopping for yourself. Start with a large Pomegranate Noir Luxury Candle – and only finish when you’ve bought the whole range. Nothing like self-love.

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