July 23, 2020
Aromatic Astrology


While others may be kicking back this month, Leo, you are doing anything but. The fault lies squarely at the door of Mercury, which is rampaging around your Monetary House and insisting on your financial prosperity. You’re making solid financial decisions – and thrilling romantic ones. Keep an eye out for intriguing strangers, who smell of Basil & Neroli Cologne and have marvellous teeth. No one is expecting you to dive headfirst into a full-blown relationship, though. Your love planet is actually moving backwards, so this is a time for wild flings, not wedding plans.



With planetary power gaining momentum for you as the month progresses, Virgo, you will be well positioned by the 23rd to focus on aspects around the home. Give in to those oak floors you’ve been lusting after, and pile up the Blackberry & Bay Home Candles – the more the better.



Gosh, someone’s in a temper around here, aren’t they, Libra? Where you say assertive, others might say bossy. With Mars in your sign, you’re a force to be reckoned with. Wear plenty of Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Cologne Intense to remind everyone – including yourself - how sweet you really are.


While others may be kicking back this month, Leo, you are doing anything but


If you’re feeling more conflicted than normal, Scorpio, it’s probably because Venus is leaning heavily on you at the moment. Use it as an opportunity to take a fresh perspective. If you normally wear Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne, try Grapefruit Cologne instead. Open yourself up, and new experiences will follow.



You need to spend more time for yourself Sagittarius – you can’t remain chained to your desk like this. Go on a walk, bury your phone in an unmarked spot, and don’t look back. Or atleast make the time for a luxurious hour in the tub with plenty of Peony & Blush Suede Bath Oil.



With planets darting about in your eastern sector, Capricorn, your need for independence is greater than normal. Embark on a solo adventure, somewhere where davana grows, and be blindsided by mesmerising sunsets – particularly those accompanied by minty cocktails.



If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, Aquarius, hold onto the walls because your career planet, Pluto, is about to rattle your cage and bust you out. Scent your journey to greatness with the sensuous, enigmatic Pomegranate Noir Cologne. Victory awaits.



Jupiter only has love for you right now, Pisces. Not only has it been firing your creativity for the past few months, it’s now bringing you luck.



Mars and Saturn are working together, Aries, to make you a force to be reckoned with this summer, especially around the 15th. You may feel like you’ve got a list of 154 things to do, but more fool those who find themselves in the path of this ram on a mission.



Know when to accept help, Taurus. That’s what friends are for, even if you feel more comfortable when the roles are reversed. So, stop being obstinate and think of yourself as a rose being tended to in order to grow more beautiful.



You are quite the social butterfly this month, Gemini – more than likely because the Sun is blazing in your Fourth House. Dinner parties are back in fashion, so organise spectacular evenings scented by Honeysuckle & Davana Home Candles, eat honey-soaked figs and see what mischief unfurls.



Family takes precedence at the moment, Cancer, and you may have to navigate some situations with tricky relatives. Take our word for it when we say unco-operative mothers will be appeased with a large Wild Fig & Cassis Luxury Candle.

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