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Splendid news, Virgo. Planetary power is shifting from your Western social sector to the Eastern – the sector of the self. The stars have aligned to give you what you want this month, regardless of who approves or disapproves – and a great deal of self-attention is enthusiastically encouraged. Set a fragrance theme in every room: delicately soft Peony & Blush Suede Home Candles in the bathroom; Lavender & Lovage Home Candles in the bedroom; vibrant and spirited Wood Sage & Sea Salt Home Candles in the drawing room. Each will play to your strengths, perfectly complementing one another (that’s no accident, you know how fond we are of everyone getting along – especially fragrances). With Mars moving into your 1st House, you’re feeling particularly independent, and that’s to be celebrated. Go to the cinema or lunch alone (you get to choose the place, the time and the eats). This is a very empowering period. Bravo you.


So, Libra, you’re spending too much time at work on Instagram, looking at other people’s holidays in lavender-filled French fields. Fortunately, the Super New Moon will light a fire under your job prospects before someone finds out and fires you.


With your financial planet, Jupiter, moving forward mid-month, you’re feeling as loaded as an English pear tree in late summer. Go shopping and buy a Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candle – just don’t tell anyone.


Your love planet, Mercury, is turbo-charged this month, Sagittarius. Around the 11th, expect an intriguing invitation from a well-dressed, oud-scented adventurer, who has just returned from the desert and is full of Eastern promise.

The stars have aligned
to give you what you want
this month, Virgo


Like Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne, wondrous things can come from taking risks, Capricorn. The planetary shift in power from the lower to the upper side of your chart signals an urge to step into the unknown. Thrilling. Say yes to all of it.


The waxing Moon until mid-month offers the optimum time to start treating your body like a temple. Grapefruit for breakfast, plenty of hearty exercise, no faffing around in bed. Carpe that diem, Aquarius.


You’re on something of a roll this month, Pisces. Your enviable ability to remain as cool as a cucumber in the face of outrageous provocation will prove extremely useful around the 23rd. Match your attitude with your scent and a calming spritz of Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne.


Don’t let those bluebell-coloured eyes fool you, Aries. The individual you meet on the 8th or 9th is a mischief-maker whom you wouldn’t even look at twice were it not for the preposterous amount of retrograde activity among the planets this month.


Yes, you can be stubborn, Taurus, but you’re also capable of being as sweet as honey. You’re by far the best person to turn to in a crisis (Scorpio friends take note), particularly once the planets have all become harmoniously aligned for you around the 23rd.


If work is feeling tiresome this month, Gemini, it’s only because your career planet, Neptune, is still in retrograde. Escape to the great outdoors. Climb an oak tree or cheat by spending the night in a boutique hotel surrounded by English Oak & Red Currant Home Candles.


With the Sun in your 3rd House of Communication, now is the time to address any niggling grievances, Cancer. Firmly tell the person to whom you leant your poppy-red dress that you want it back and that their questionable excuses will no longer be tolerated.


Eek. Your love planet, Uranus, will go into reverse on the 12th, Leo. Don’t accept any dates until after that, no matter how many bunches of red roses you are sent. It simply won’t be worth it – until the 19th, that is, when you are free to carry on as you were.

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