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Christmas hosting tips from The Townhouse
This festive season, we’re reveling in all that sparkles. It’s a disco Christmas with glitter balls, glimmering candlelight and plenty of bubbles. Here are some sparkling tips on how to host a truly twinkling Christmas dinner a la Jo Malone London…

The tablescape
Here’s a hosting secret: if the table setting is pretty enough, no one is bothered about the food. Candles, with all their scent and shimmer, are a shortcut to elegance. So embrace the glowand dazzle your guests, by taking them on a festive fragrance journey through the house. Trigger childhood memories of Christmas morning with Pine & Eucalyptus Home Candles in the entrance hall. Then opt for something a little sexier for the dinner table: Wild Fig & Cassis and Pomegranate Noir combine to add warmth and mystery. A spritz of Lino Nel Vento Scent Surround Linen Spray on the napkins will make it seem as though you’ve thought of everything. Which you have.

And why should decorations be consigned to the tree? It seems a wasted opportunity to us. Let the baubles spill out over the tablecloth, bathe the room in the glow of fairy lights, pile up the presents tied with perfect bows and let the greenery run wild. This year, more is much, much more.

This festive season,
we’re revelling in all that sparkles

The treat
Who doesn’t relish a little keepsake? Which is why we reinvented Christmas crackers. We’ve kept them sparkley (naturally) and added some Little Luxuries… scented, of course.

The playlist
One sign of a having had a good time is sore feet. Take a tip from Jo Malone London Girl Poppy Delevingne and give in to guilty pleasures. ‘For Christmas, I like to unleash the cheese – Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas Is You is my party song.’

The drink
Christmas is all about surprises, so bypass the traditional mulled wine in favour of a sparkling cocktail that screams party time. Fortunately, with the help of Claridge’s top mixologist Denis Broci, we know how to make a totally twinkly one. And, as Christmas is a time for generosity, we’ll happily share the how to.

Christmas trees and the scent of pine
This German tradition was popularised in the UK by Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert in the 1840s. Decorated with candles (to represent stars), glass ornaments and little presents, this famous royal fir was reported in the press, and the fashionable Christmas trend caught on. The scent of pine cones too can’t help but make you hope there is still an undiscovered present waiting for you under the tree. Ramp up the giddy excitement by scenting your home in the run-up with Pine & Eucalyptus Home Candles.

Mince pies
It’s said that the Crusaders brought back the first meat-based recipes from the Middle East, and it was the British who threw in spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon, as an homage to these far-flung lands. Mince pies went through a series of transformations before ending up as the fragrant, fruit-filled pastry delights we know today. Their association with Christmas comes from the Middle Ages, where eating them was said to bring you 12 months’ good luck. Tell yourself that next time you’re tucking into one straight out of the packet at 10.30am!

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