A Halo of Blossoms

Delicate blossom flirts for your attention, teasing you with the promise of unmatchable beauty, if only for a second. It’s rather mischievous and always in a hurry. We find ourselves lovestruck by its scent and sensuality. In fact, we are so enamoured by blossoms of all kinds, from cherry to star magnolia and frangipani, that we’ve created a step-by-step guide to making your own blossom crown. And what’s so charming about flower crowns is that, be it a festival, party or picnic, they are the perfect guests that people are always happy to see. And a chance to savour the fragility of blossom season for just a little longer…  

Measuring tape
Floristry wire
Floristry tape
Sharp scissors or secateurs
Fresh blossoms
Dried/fake blossoms

Step one 
Measure the circumference of your head and cut a piece of floristry wire the same length, adding an extra 1.5cm. Twist the wire into a circle to form your crown base. Bend each end back on itself to create a loop – these will be used to secure the crown together later. 

Step two
Wrap the floristry tape carefully around the wire circle – including the two end loops – to hide the wire and create a more comfortable base.

Be it a festival, party or picnic,
floral crowns are the perfect guests that
people are always happy to see

Step three
Trim the flowers so that the stalks are approximately 5cm long. Start attaching the blossoms in small bunches (around 3 to 4 flowers work well) by laying them on your wire base, choosing one side as a starting point. Use the floristry tape secure the blossom stems to your base.

Step four
Once your first blossoms are secure, take a new bunch and lay them on the stalks of the previously laid bunch – all the flowers should face in the same direction – and secure it with floristry tape. Repeat until you have covered your crown base and no flower stalks can be seen.  

Step five
Now it’s time to finish off your floral crown. Thread some ribbon through the loops in your base and tie a beautiful bow to secure your crown on your head. The perfect accessory for weddings or garden parties.

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