Inside Knowledge

Our boutique stylists are wizards when it comes to knowing our product. They are walking encyclopaedias of scent notes, application tips and ingredient provenance. Highly trained to help you find your signature scent and teach you how to fragrance layer like a true mixologist. So, who better to share their tips on getting the most out of your Jo Malone London products?

The ultimate power shower

“I love our Vitamin E Body Scrub, but my tip is to apply it all over your body before stepping into the shower. Use circular movements with both hands, let the gorgeous oils soak in for a minute while the sugar exfoliates away dry skin. Then step into the shower and rinse thoroughly. The sugar will start to dissolve leaving smooth, glowing skin. It also smells divine. Leaving the skin silky smooth and prepped, ready for the next layers of scent.”

Sarah Mowbray, St Andrews

Preparation is key

“Before I go on holiday I like to have an evening of indulgence and really get myself in to the holiday spirit- it is part of my pre-packing ritual. I start with using the Geranium & Walnut Body Scrub, followed by Vitamin E Body Balm to prep my skin. After that I light a Wood Sage & Sea Salt Home Candle and just take some time for myself.”

Tang Chui Man, Pacific Place Hong Kong, SAR of China

Linen Love

“I always spray the Lino Nel Vento Linen Spray on my bedsheets, but I also like to spritz my curtains and pillows to create a relaxing and comforting ambience to my bedroom.

Monica Chien, Mitsukoshi Shin Yi a4 Taipei

Signature Scents

Peony & Blush Suede Cologne is my first fragrance from Jo Malone London and I will always love it because it has been with me through some of the best moments of my life. But sometimes when you have a signature scent you get so used to it, that you don’t always smell it. I always to encourage people to combine their favourite scents with their lovers. It’s a special way to stay connected and create memories.”

Omarenko Yulia, Kapitolit Moscow

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