October 29, 2019
Notes on a Scented Wedding

A season characterised by optimistic slivers of sunshine, melodious birdsong and bursting buds; nothing brings with it a greater sense of hope than the arrival of spring. Except perhaps a wedding. If you’re planning yours and need a little advice, then look no further. Our expert guide covers everything you need to know about how to plan a spring wedding in style.




Weddings are a day for building memories, and there’s nothing quite like scent to transport you back to ‘I do’. Scent is as signature as your first dance, the groom’s speech or throwing the bouquet. It’s what makes the atmosphere tangible and the memories real over and over again, so finding a scent to suit deserves the utmost care. Take your cue from the language of flowers: red roses are said to mean love and romance, so that’s Red Roses Cologne for the bride, freesias are believed to signify unconditional love English Pear & Freesia Cologne for the bridesmaids, and jasmine is for good fortune a spritz of Wild Bluebell Cologne. Or if you want a little help along the way entrust our stylists to find a scent that sparks joy with our complimentary bridal consultation.


Don’t stop at yourself, fill the air with love and colour the party with beautifully scented candles. Try Orange Blossom Home Candles with an etched wild rose lace design, a traditional wedding favourite, to bring a shimmering sparkle and create a blend of floral opulence. Fresh, bright and glorious. Charm even the trickiest of guests with a table favour no one will forget. A Lime Basil & Mandarin Travel Candle at each place setting, a modern classic inviting the outside in. 

Your day, your memories. All held together and kept forever with your fragrance. 



The founder of luxury British florist Wild At Heart, Nikki Tibbles is renowned for her creative and decadent approach to flowers. As at home working with the world’s leading brands, events and celebrities as she is private weddings and parties, Nikki’s sought-after style has earned her a deserved reputation for being the best of the best. 


Get Inspired

Late spring is an amazing time for flowers and ones that are so quintessentially English too. Amazing peonies, scented stock, garden roses, daffodils, foxgloves, lupins, extraordinary climbing roses… everything I love! Incredible foliage such as hornbeam and willow are just coming in too. The colours are so amazing and work with every colour palette whether your wedding theme is pastels or brights.


Start with the Dress

I always ask brides how they want to feel on their wedding day as this gives us a good indication of type of flowers they want. Ultimately the bride’s bouquet should stem from the dress and be in keeping with its style and lines. The bouquet should accent the dress but not take over.


A Simple Style

Our compositions for weddings these days are less structured and much looser and wilder, which does make it easier for anyone doing their own flowers on the big day. If in doubt a simple formula is to take beautiful bud vases and fill them with sprigs of herbs such as rosemary, a couple of garden roses and a peony. Stand a scented candle next to it and repeat. I also love the look of plants and spring herbs in old terracotta pots dotted along table. Simple but very effective.


Make a Statement

I always recommend trying to have one amazing piece rather than trying to eek your flowers out everywhere. For a recent wedding we created a big walkway that consisted of two beautiful flower borders which felt like you were walking through a beautiful garden. Then the arch at the end was covered in wisteria and garden roses and dripping with peonies. Just gorgeous.




As Executive Chef at Claridge’s, a 5-star hotel in the heart of London’s Mayfair, Martyn Nail’s passion for carefully sourced, seasonal ingredients and beautifully balanced flavours means he knows a thing or two about putting together the perfect plate.


The Joys of Spring

In the food world January and February are considered the two dead months of the year, so when spring comes around it’s when ingredients and vivid colour really get going again. For a spring wedding take inspiration from nature when it’s at its hopeful and abundant best with new season ingredients such as spring lamb and seasonal vegetables like fresh garlic leaves and asparagus.


Menu Musings

I always try to think about the couple’s favourite things to eat as a starting point. Is there an ingredient that you both love? Perhaps inspired by somewhere you’ve been together. Or, are there cultural backgrounds that can be woven in? If the bride’s bouquet has herbal elements in it, I think about tying the menu into that; rose woven into a dessert or mint and rosemary in the main course are lovely ways to tie everything together.


Seasonal Statements

Spring is the perfect time to make a big statement because it’s all about nature’s bounty. One of my favourite tricks is to drop a big mirror behind the serving table to give an illusion of abundance. Line up seasonal fruits, mini pastries or spring tartlets made with ricotta, minted peas on platters for a real dessert showstopper.



Drink Up

Nothing ever beats Champagne for a wedding, but you can add an infusion that will help make it feel special for the season. Anything herbaceous and green works; think about refreshing notes like cucumber, mint and coriander.



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