Styling with Scent

Scent is the most sensorial way to create a first impression, and the slightest hint of a fragrance can trigger special memories of people, occasions and places. Uniquely atmospheric, scent has the ability to tell a story and transform a space. It can work in parallel with design choices to create certain moods for certain rooms. Here’s how some of our most knowledgeable friends in the world of interiors use scent in their homes to create the perfect sanctuary to escape to…

Interior expert Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser
Design aesthetic

Minimalism is the approach of choice for New Zealand based Interior Stylist Michelle Halford, creator of the beautifully curated blog The Design Chaser. ‘I love clean lines and elegance, but bringing warmth and a lived-in feel to spaces is a key focus. I like to achieve this through the use of textural and sensory elements.’

Scenting for open plan living
‘I find that open plan living lends itself beautifully to Fragrance Combining™. I love grouping different sized candles on the dining table, one on the kitchen bench and more on the coffee tables. Visually gorgeous and the scent creates an incredible sensory experience as you relax in, or move through the areas.’

Scent for calming corners
‘The soft light of candles is perfect for creating a feeling of intimacy. Peony & Blush Suede always brings a sense of calm, whilst Incense & Embers is richly relaxing. I use throws all year round to create a feeling of retreat in my home, I interchange them seasonally changing from heavy wool throws to lighter linens in summer.’

Scent for cosy escapes
‘Lots of warm textural elements combined with sensual, woody scents like Oud & Bergamot or Pomegranate Noir are my go to for colder days when I want to curl up and hibernate.’

Uniquely atmospheric, scent has the ability
to tell a story and transform a space

Alicia Lund creator and founder of fashion meets interior blog Cheetah Is The New Black
Design aesthetic

A combination of west coast cool minimalism with sentimental touches. ‘I like a classic colour palette of black and white as a clean slate for accessorising. I love to include family heirlooms and found pieces to add character and bring stories to each room.’

Seasonal scents
‘Scent is the icing on the cake when it comes to interior design. I love to change the scents throughout our home seasonally. I typically combine my all-time favourites Red Roses and Wood Sage & Sea Salt, in winter I like to add Pine & Eucalyptus whilst summer time I opt for fresher scents- Green Tomato Leaf is a good staple.’

Scents to create atmosphere
‘Lighting is everything when it comes to mood setting. I love that candles are alluring, drawing you in in a really magical and intimate way. I like to use Peony & Blush Suede to create a soothing escape, whilst I will light Lime Basil & Mandarin if I want to be energised.’

Scents to inspire
‘Anything really fresh that takes me by surprise! In the summer I couldn’t get enough of Jasmine Sambac & Marigold- it is just such a unique scent and combination.’

Design maven Paulina Jamborowicz of interior blog Deer Home
Design aesthetic

Russia based interior lover Paulina Jamborowicz is crazy for all things bright and clean. ‘I like to mix lots of bright whites but with an eclectic mix of colours and fabrics, I have a delicate approach to interiors, I want my home to feel welcoming and harmonious.’

Scents for colder times
‘Candles are the first thing I buy as the weather cools down. Nothing gives more coziness than candles with a warming light and snuggling into a blanket. The scents I find the most soothing are Oud & Bergamot and Wild Fig & Cassis.

Scent for hosting
‘For me scent completes a room, it sets a magical spell. I like to surprise my guests with beautiful scents so as they are relaxed as soon as I invite them in to my home. I also go all out on room sprays as they are so beautiful and calming. I like to create a relaxed atmosphere with family style dining so people are free to serve themselves and be at ease.’

Scents to inspire
‘I feel creative surrounded by light floral scents. I adore English Pear & Freesia. I find florals really energising, so whenever I have them near me I feel full of energy and positive.’

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