Crowning Glories

There was a time when only royalty was allowed to wear amethysts, although soldiers in medieval times wore them to bring luck. The ancient Romans donned emeralds in honour of the goddess Venus, while the Egyptians loved peridots, believing they were the gems of the sun. Gemstones resonate with romance and superstition, and a little cosmic mystery thrown in for good measure. The colourful concept of birthstones – with all their symbolism – charmed Jo Malone London Girl Karen Elson so much that it became the focus for her first collaboration for Jo Malone London.  A treasure trove of 12 cologne caps – inspired by the rich shades and stories of birthstones – each one with its own whimsical tale, and handcrafted to crown your signature scent.

A treasure trove of 12 cologne caps,
inspired by birthstones and handcrafted
to crown your signature scent


This is a personal project for Karen. ‘I wanted to create something that, in time, I could pass on to my children. Something they would covet,’ she explains. And, to Karen’s mind, that required the finest craftsmanship. Enter her friend Duffy, the renowned London-based jeweller who makes everything by hand. ‘The amount of time Duffy puts into each piece is incredible [it takes a full day to create one cap], the thoughtfulness of the process, to me, adds so much value.’

Each bronze cap is meticulously handmade – from filing to cutting to finishing to polishing- and topped with a cubic zirconia stone coloured to represent a birthstone. It’s this celebration of craftsmanship that Karen is most proud of. ‘The caps feel timeless. So much love went into each one. And each one has a compelling story.’

Crown your favourite scent and make it uniquely yours, with a beautiful birthstone cap. For Karen, that’s Red Roses Cologne, of course. ‘I also happen to be born in January, which makes my birthstone garnet,’ Karen explains. So a red stone on a Red Roses bottle is pretty perfect for me.’ A talisman to be treasured.

January: garnet, believed to be a symbol of protection for curious minds
February: amethyst, said to bring a sense of courage and compassion
March: aquamarine, apparently the secret behind good communication
April: diamond, linked to unbreakable love
May: emerald, believed to represent loyalty
June: Alexandrite, said to strengthen intuition
July: ruby, said to encourage boundless confidence
August: peridot, believed to bring prosperity
September: sapphire, said to symbolise strength and wisdom
October: pink tourmaline, awarded to those most loyal
November: citrine, attributed to problem-solving
December: zircon gemstone, said to uplift weary spirits.

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