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Leather is an experience. Its scent spans the ages, tells stories, evokes memories. It is the intrigue of leather-bound books encasing tales of adventure, love and mystery.
It’s the huge armchairs we sink into that have played host to countless others, that have moulded to their shapes as they do to yours. Every imperfection, scuff and crease part of its history. The beauty of leather is in its laughter lines. The life it has lived that’s visible to all. Like a scarred but handsome officer who has known peace and war, always stoic and unshakeable. That is the beauty of leather.

The beauty of leather is in its laughter lines.
The life it has lived that is visible to all

The greater the adventure you take it on, the more it has to tell. Leather suitcases that have bumped across continents, protecting all your precious belongings. Leather coats, unafraid of the elements. Leather is ready to take on the world with you. Trials and tribulations only make it better, adding to its texture and richness. It is affluence and opulence with none of the showiness. There is something about leather that draws
you in.

Jo Malone London is enthralled by leather. We have created Bronze Wood & Leather Cologne Intense to showcase its smoky warmth and addictive leather. Running through the fragrance are flashes of juniper, grapefruit and woody tropical grass vetiver that sparkle through the richness. This is the scent of nights in front of a roaring fire. Candlelit rooms and captivating strangers. Intense and sultry. The sound of rain on windows. This is romance for the grown-ups, for the dreamers, time-travellers and thrill-seekers.

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