Match Made in Heaven

What’s that you say? ‘You promise to have and to hold from this day forward?’ This is music to our ears because, as you know, at Jo Malone London, we are slaves to romance. Weddings all day, everyday, please. Of course, it’s all about building the memories, and there’s nothing quite like scent to transport you back to ‘I do’, to help you relive every magical moment. Our advice is to create something as unique as the day itself, with some wedding-specific Fragrance Combining™.

There’s nothing quite like scent
to transport you back to ‘I do’,
to relive every magical moment’

For the Bride
There is no doubt that the bride is the star of the show (sorry, boys) and she should have a scent to match her status. We would suggest Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense. Voluptuous and sumptuous, the essence of desire, it’s a scent for grown-up women who know their own minds. Combine it with dewy Wild Bluebell Cologne, luminous and delicate, a romantic heroine with depth, substance and magic – just like you.

For the Groom
Everyone loves a man who smells good, especially the woman who intends to marry him. So now is the time to raise your game and become the most deliciously scented person you’ve ever met. Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne brings a bohemian smoothness – confident and mesmerising. Layer that with Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne for sensuality and a masculine darkness that’s enticing and warm with a gentle suggestion of spice. Don’t be surprised if even the bride’s mother starts looking at you with curiously bewitched eyes.

For the Party
Scent is as much as a signature as your first dance, the groom’s speech or throwing the bouquet. It’s what makes the atmosphere tangible and encourages you to recall the memories over and over again. Fill the air with love. Colour the party with beautifully scented candles – Peony & Blush Suede for luxury and flirtatiousness. Add Orange Blossom, a traditional wedding favourite, to bring a shimmering sparkle and create a blend of floral opulence. Fresh, bright and glorious. Powerfully evocative and deeply romantic. Your day, your memories. All held together and kept forever with your fragrance.

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