February 18, 2020
Aromatic Astrology


Oh, look, if it isn’t the dream team, Saturn and Pluto, linking arms and marching with purpose towards your career sector. We hope you’re in the mood for lift-off, Aries, because it’s going to be big. Remember, though, the best leaders are not those nettle types, who look approachable on the outside but carry a sting. You want to be magnanimous and inspiring – as appealing as a field full of lavender. Try a spritz of Wisteria & Lavender to get you in the mood. The other good news is that Uranus is about to exit your star sign, signalling a greater sense of stability is on the way. You’ll start sleeping like a baby surrounded by jasmine sambac while you dream of world domination.



How you love to feel the ground beneath your feet, Taurus. Of course you do – you’re an earth sign, after all. Follow the urge around the 20th to take your shoes off and wander barefoot in the great outdoors, preferably among some bluebells.



That raging brain of yours needs calming, Gemini. Lavender, lavender and more lavender. Fill your house with it with Lavender & Lovage Home Candles. Spritz Silver Birch & Lavender to your hearts content and bright ideas are sure to ensue.



Jupiter in retrograde around the 11th may put you on a slightly short fuse, Cancer. It’s not your fault, obviously, but you may want to get on a plane, head to the Mediterranean and find some equilibrium among the mind-clarifying majesty of the cedar trees.

The dream team of Saturn and Pluto is linking arms and marching with purpose towards your career sector, Aries.


Party klaxon, Leo. Your social life is going to have a fire lit under it this month, which will be music to your attention-loving ears. New friends and contacts will be springing up like wild Achillea, especially around the full moon in Libra on the 19th.



Activity in your Fourth House of Home means one of two things, Virgo, you’re either going to be away a lot or about to get stuck into some renovations. Either way, you need to tackle all this upheaval with an attitude that is sweeter than orange blossom or you might go mad. Spritzes of Orange Blossom Cologne are the answer.



Your mood may need a leg-up around the 21st, Libra, so don’t be afraid to act on impulse. You’ll start to come alive again, like honeysuckle at night, once you’ve put everything on your credit card with total abandon. Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candles are a must.



Be wary of your power over others, Scorpio. That famous personal magnetism of yours is no joke – and if you’re feeling punchier than a peppercorn tree around the 27th, just take yourself off for the day.



Now, now, Sagittarius. Chin up, best foot forward and so forth. It’s just Uranus in your Fourth House stirring up change. No one has time for you to behave like a weeping willow. Pep yourself up with plenty of Grapefruit Body Crème.



It’s an adage older than myrrh that when you stop looking, love will come and smack you in the face. The Sun will enter your sign towards the end of the month, Capricorn, bringing someone very handsome and surprisingly good at maths with it.



This may come as a surprise, Aquarius, but patience pays off. It takes three years for the root of an iris to develop its scent before it can be distilled, but look at the rewards. You could be that iris root (particularly from the 15th onwards).



Salt brings out the best in everything and you’re capable of doing the same, Pisces. Help a struggling friend with spontaneous dinners featuring strong cocktails and inappropriate jokes – a gift of Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne also wouldn’t go a miss.

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