Aromatic Astrology

Here’s the thing, Capricorn. Your family planet, Mars, is going to be in the House that rules your finances until the 16th, which means just one thing – get your Christmas shopping done as a matter of urgency. So, given you have full permission to get festive, it would be sensible to wrap any presents you buy with Bing Crosby crooning in the background and a house scented with Pine & Eucalyptus – candles, reed diffusers, the lot – the essence of wintery magic without the coldness.

With your House of Friends being flooded with energy for the whole of this month, Aquarius, expect to spend a lot of time dashing between parties. So it’s essential to stock up on Jo Malone London’s Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub for skin that is baby-soft for any kisses under the mistletoe, Champagne glass-holding and scandal-observing.

There may be a little surprise on the cards for you this month, Pisces, what with the Sun and Mercury sauntering into your 10th House around the 22nd. It will be unexpected – like finding a sea of bluebells in a wood – and just as lovely.

Jupiter is heavily influencing the areas of education and thoughtful reflection for you right now, Aries. You could learn a new skill – or forget that in favour of some ‘thoughtful’ timeout, preferably somewhere hot where the scent of oud is carried on the breeze.

With Pluto in your 7th House of Love, Taurus, you’re interested in nothing but romance. All you need to do is add a hit of Pomegranate Noir Cologne to that air of irresistibility and watch your besotted admirers form an orderly queue.

With the New Year just around the corner, you have your eye firmly set on the future, Gemini. The lunar eclipse around the 10th signals the start of projects and ideas fresher than a basket of limes.

Too many late nights and early mornings may mean you start to feel sluggish after the 21st, Cancer. A bath scented with Blackberry & Bay Home Candles is all you need to bring you back to your last-one-standing best.

If you find yourself spatting with family members – which is not impossible, with almost all your planets in the western half of your chart – you might find the need for strategic pre-Christmas presents. Make an offering of Myrrh & Tonka Cologne to appease sulking siblings or moody mothers.

Exciting things happen at night, which is why all this activity in your 4th House is no bad thing, Virgo, symbolising as it does the midnight hour. Like the scent of honeysuckle, you may find yourself transformed and ready to wrap yourself around someone deserving.

All the planets in your sign are on the move in December, Libra and that means activity. Christmas trees must be ordered, decorations dusted off – even stockings can go up by the fireplace (it’s never too early, is it?) One of the many positives of all this busyness will be that sleep will come as easily as if you were bedding down in a lavender field for the night.

The eastern half of your chart is brimming with planets right now, which is putting you in a determined frame of mind, Scorpio. It’s time to embrace your culinary Christmas spirit with a frenzy of culinary activity – think redcurrant jelly, spicy blackberry chutney and cassis cocktail (these will need copious testing).

If all this yuletide madness is starting to get to you, Sagittarius, don’t feel bad about ducking out of it every now and then – especially around the 12th. An early night after a bath scented by Orange Blossom Home Candles has just as many, albeit different benefits, from raging until the sun comes up.

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