October 29, 2019
Aromatic Astrology

It’s important to look to the future at this time of year, so if you can bring yourself to part from your cosy blanket and juicy thriller, you might find there is much to be getting excited about. With Venus in Capricorn, your sense of self is encouraging some quality ‘me, myself and I’ time, which we thoroughly endorse. While it may still be dark outside, the scent of Wild Bluebell Candles paired with a Peony & Blush Suede Diffuser is a reminder that spring is dormant, but starting to stir, just beneath the ground. Life will flourish again and so will you. In the meantime, it’s cashmere socks and roaring fires all the way. No one could deny that hypnotic charisma of yours, Capricorn and you’re quite right to be thinking about promotions and all the ways in which you dazzle. But it’s also true that all that can wait. Your golden glow isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Jupiter’s transit through the house of partnership means you are feeling veritably loved-up, Aquarius. It may be towards another – or it may be towards the hot bath you just ran yourself with a swirl of sweet, citrusy Lime Basil & Mandarin Bath Oil.

Things are looking calmer, Pisces, as the planets begin to ease around you. Settle back with a big mug of Earl Grey, phone switched off and let others surrender to the madness. You don’t need to be part of any of it.

With Pluto’s influence, Aries, January may bring change. Yes, the time has come and you know it - you need a new hand cream. That new English Pear & Freesia Hand Cream is ready to be opened to scent your skin with the essence of a romantic midnight encounter.

Your golden glow isn’t going anywhere any
time soon, Capricorn

You have always felt the call of the Earth, Taurus and with the Evening Star in your 7th House, it’s time to return to nature. That doesn’t mean you actually need to go anywhere. Jasmine Sambac & Marigold summons the spirit of an Indian flower market in one sumptuous spray.

Indecision is not a foreign concept to you, now is it, Gemini. Your enthusiasm means it can sometimes be hard to settle on one option, so we say just have both. With the Sun about to enter your sign, English Pear & Freesia will sit just as happily with Orange Blossom, scenting your house like an English garden in summer.

The sea, the sea, Cancer. How you love to feel the glorious gustiness of salty air on your skin. When the Moon enters Jupiter, you will find that sense of restoration returns anyway - with the added bonus of not turning your hair wild or getting sand in your shoes.

The 7th House of Love opens its doors to you this month, Leo. Succumb to the warm embrace of Velvet Rose & Oud Scent Surround Diffuser, as it transports you on a magic carpet ride to the romantic dunes of a faraway land. Even if you’re actually just sitting in your kitchen.

Dancing at home in your pyjamas is extremely important during the darker months particularly, so we recommend you shut your eyes, think of a place where Vetiver and Vanilla grows, feel the imaginary sun on your face and crank up the music. Your 6th House of Health demands it. Or alternatively douse yourself in Vetiver & Golden Vanilla Cologne Intense.

Warming spices like ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and a fiery crack of black pepper will all help keep you toasty and well-fed this month, Libra. Your love of balance means everything finds the equilibrium it deserves when you are preparing a delicious winter feast.

Scorpio. Now is the moment to embrace some down time. You can’t exist in a state of perpetual seduction, so give yourself the day off with a reviving shower of Cypress & Grapevine Exfoliating Shower Gel. Your 7th House of Love can handle it.

Some may think you are being beguilingly absent at the moment, Sagittarius, but we know this is just the Moon making you feel like you want to cocoon. An excellent choice. We suggest big leather chairs, crackling embers and a cocktail laced with the vibrant zing of Juniper.

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