Aromatic Astrology
You are gripped by a strong desire for independence this month, Libra. Your ruling planet, Venus, is flooding you with the need to achieve. Stand steadfast like the mighty oak and don’t budge on the things you think are important – particularly around the 14th, when events will feel like they’re moving quickly. Everything could do with a little attention from your keen eye – existing relationships will remain harmonious, particularly if you keep your beloved happy with the occasional breakfast in bed (fresh fruit and a spritz of Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne – that sort of thing). We know you Librans are fond of the unorthodox, as well as the deeply glamorous, so a trip abroad may throw interesting opportunities your way. Who knows? 
You’ve always been good at helping others, Scorpio, so now it’s time to help yourself. A spritz of Orris & Sandalwood Cologne would be a good place to start, swiftly followed by long, uninterrupted boxset sessions and plenty of tasty takeaways.
Having trouble sleeping, Sagittarius? You need a little Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Cologne in your room. With their heady scent, the tiny white flowers famously encourage relaxation, making you feel delightfully drowsy. It’s like being lulled to sleep by fairies. 
You are a naturally cautious creature, Capricorn – and with Saturn moving backwards in your chart this month, you’ll be feeling extra thoughtful. Have long, contemplative soaks in Blackberry & Bay Bath Oil, and refuse to be drawn definitively on anything until you have.
Your energy is something else at the moment, Aquarius. You are zestier than a bowlful of limes – until the 24th, when you will need to calm down and stop having so many late nights (don’t blame us, blame your ruling planet, Uranus).
Mars and Jupiter in your House of Career are the double act giving work matters a major boost this month. All you have to do is hold your nerve, be as cool as a cucumber and wait for your pay rise to wing its way to you.
Things are going to get off to a very romantic start this month, Aries. With temperatures dropping, you may find yourself unexpectedly grabbing the hand of your companion on long blustery walks by the sea. Do whatever it takes to keep warm…
With Venus in your House of Social Activities, escape the madness and enjoy long weekends away with friends. Sleep in late. Play games. Plunder the hedgerows and take hour-long showers with Geranium & Walnut Exfoliation Shower Gel. Don’t go anywhere near your phone.
The motions of the moon are influencing how much money you make right now, Gemini, and you have to maintain balance. Yes, you can still go abroad (preferably to a myrrh-scented desert somewhere), but just not quite yet.
The solar eclipse on the 24th is happening in your House of Speculations, Cancer, so expect your finances to flourish in innovative ways. Celebrate windfalls by filling your home with Velvet Rose & Oud Home Candles. Decadence is the order of the day.
This month is going to get off to a flying start for you, Leo – just as if you had burst in on a surprise party for yourself, where things really kick off as the clock strikes midnight. Find yourself transforming, like the scent of honeysuckle. Let everyone enjoy the full spectrum of your capabilities.
Jupiter in your 4th House will help you focus on emotional happiness, Virgo. That charm of yours can only get you so far – so use the sensuous power of Pomegranate Noir Cologne to get you the rest of the way.  

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