Aromatic Astrology

You’re on punchy form this month, Scorpio, with your ruler planet, Pluto, hanging about in the eastern half of your chart and making you feel invincible. But, maybe, pause and take stock at some point. All this me, me, me-ing might not be to everyone’s taste, so it would be best to win them over first. A particular shout-out to Scorpio men – English Oak & Hazelnut Cologne should keep everyone who crosses your path utterly bewitched. Be audacious and rebellious at work, powered by the scent of Basil & Neroli Cologne. Be opulent and enigmatic. As we all know – when you are on a charm offensive, Scorpio, it’s hard to notice anybody else in the room. 

Mars is making you feel bouncy and energised at the moment, Sagittarius, and your finances are looking particularly healthy. An unexpected trip to a land where fragrant davana grows may be on the cards, so start packing now.

If you’re feeling antsy at work, Capricorn, now is your chance to take action. The new moon is going to eclipse the sun, giving you the boost you need to make some changes. You are free to run wild like mint in a flowerbed. Go! Go! Go!

Now is not the time to hold back, Aquarius. Jupiter has been loitering with intent in your sign for the better part of a year and the urge to learn has been ignited within you. Whether it’s getting spicy with cardamom or ginger in the kitchen or teaching yourself Norwegian, there are new learning opportunities aplenty open to you.

If you’ve been feeling the pinch recently, Pisces, you can finally relax. The full moon in Aries on the 17th eases up any tensions around money. Buy yourself a Red Roses Scent Surround™ Diffuser to celebrate – there’s nothing wrong with a bit of unapologetic self-indulgence.

You’re rather keen on someone at the moment, aren’t you, Aries? Good news, then, that your 7th House of Love is veritably on fire. Cue you at your dazzlingly seductive best. Almost like a sensual, persuasive Pomegranate Noir Home Candle in human form.

Feeling a little on the frazzled side, Taurus? This is the by-product of all high achievers, as you know. However, work can wait for the time being – your ruling planet ruler, Venus, is going to enter your House of Social Activities this month. So start mixing mischief-making margaritas at once – there’s fun to be had.

You have got the creative itch at the moment, Gemini and it’s time you did something about it. Neptune, your career planet is moving backwards at the moment, giving you the breathing space to try new ventures. Start thinking like Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne – taking risks with the unexpected in order to render magic results.

Thanks to Mars in Taurus, you have been in a highly collaborative state of mind recently, Cancer. You have found the blackberry to your bay, the nectarine blossom to your honey. If you’ve got any sense, you’ll keep your inquisitive mind on full throttle.

You just want to be at home at the moment, don’t you Leo? Who can blame you? Cosy nights in taking long, luscious baths in Amber & Lavender Bath Oil are the way to get through all those planets clogging up the southern sector of your horoscope. Keep the hot tap running and ignore them all.

It looks like a little time out is needed for all you Virgos wrestling with the solar eclipse on the 24th – and Jupiter in your 4th House means it’s time to focus on personal happiness. Rambling among the soul-soothing oaks in an English forest is a marvellous place to start.

You are in an extremely generous mood at the moment, Libra and it suits you. Let Christmas come early and lavish those you love with ‘just- because’ presents. A bottle of Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Cologne Intense here. An English Pear & Freesia Scent Surround™ Diffuser there. No one is going to question why.

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