March 14, 2020
Aromatic Astrology


We know what you’re like, Taurus. You want to keep those hooves of yours firmly on terra firma, but you may be in for something of an emotional rollercoaster this month. This is all down to Uranus, whose volatile energy will be coupled with Venus to make your emotions zip all over the place like lightning. The important thing to remember is that change can be exciting, and straying into unchartered territory can bring untold treasures. Why not try a new scent like Silver Birch & Lavender Cologne and embrace the change.  



The Moon on the 7th will bring some candid and objective opinions from friends. It may feel as welcoming as hemlock cocktail, but what may present itself as dangerous can also be thrilling.



The eclipse in your Seventh House of Partners signals a much-needed domestic declutter, Cancer. Remember, though, it’s only to make room for something better, like an update of your fragrance wardrobe.



No, Leo, you’re not going mad. It’s just Saturn making you feel like time is passing at double speed. Step away from it all and recalibrate yourself, preferably on a grapefruit- scented beach with no wi-fi.



With Jupiter in your Fourth House of Home, Virgo, you’ll feel the urge to stay in and nest. Spend your evenings reading in a big, comfy leather chair with a cheerful vase of fresh freesias and a scattering of Incense & Embers Home Candles on the table nearby.

You may be in for something of an
emotional rollercoaster this month, Taurus,
but… change can be exciting


So, Libra, you didn’t hear it from us, but Mars is in your Marriage House. If getting spliced doesn’t appeal at the moment, opt for Red Roses Body Crème and ditch the diamonds. The choice is yours.



You, Scorpio, are like Orange Blossom Cologne – you always bring the promise of better days ahead, no matter how cold or dark it is. Ignore Saturn in your House of Communication, though, and let your irresistible optimism power through.



Neptune may be causing all kinds of mischief in your sign this month, Sagittarius, but don’t let its destabilising tactics undermine you. Remain as resilient as an oak tree, or simply fake it with a spritz or several of English Oak & Hazelnut Cologne.



You may pretend you have the innocence of a peony, but you’re fooling no one, Capricorn. Uranus is in your Fifth House of Pleasures and your proclivity for misbehaviour is electrifying right now (please invite us next time).



Saturn can be extremely testing, Aquarius, but he also brings balance. The best you can do with challenging events around the 17th is remain as cool as a refreshing spritz of Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne and not rise to the provocative behaviour of others (what you choose to call them in your head is another matter).



You will be served by wisdom more ancient than amber (which is usually around 250 million years old, and that is OLD) this month, Pisces. The influence of the outer planets will bring fresh perspective for that powerful brain of yours.



Hurray, Pluto is in your career sector, Aries, and everything you’ve been working so hard for is about to blossom like bluebells in spring. Promotions and pay rises – both have your name on them.

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